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Some people think that an electric bike is cheating, but in actual fact it’s a very clever way of getting out and about, maintaining your fitness levels and saving money. Those are just a few good reasons to use an electric bike. Have you ever thought ‘I like the idea of an electric bike but what are they really like to ride? Where can I test one properly? What are the differences between them all?’ Well here at Fresh Trax we’ve come up with the perfect solution. During the summer we are holding one hour test rides from our shop.


This gives you the chance to choose your bike in an informed way. You will be fully instructed on the use of our bikes before you set out and if you’re at all concerned we will give you a ‘one to one’ a couple of days before your ride. During the morning we will exchange various suitable bikes. If you would like to book a demo session then contact us on 012437 88506, or contact us by email at steve@freshtrax.co.uk. Our friendly staff will take your details along with your preferred dates.

Here to help. We’re Electric Bike specialists of 8 years with Cytech trained staff.

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