Ski Boot Fitting

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At Rinskis we pride ourselves on ski boot fitting. Taking the time to help you get the right boot with the perfect fit.

You are welcome to call and book a ski boot fitting in advance between 9:30am & 3pm Monday - Friday, however we cannot fit by appointment at weekends.

What's involved? 

We'll talk to you about your skiing experience, whether you have had your own ski boots before, and what you require from your new boots.
Once we have this information we will measure your feet. This is not as straight forward as measuring you for a pair of casual shoes. Just having your foot length is one thing, but we also need to take into consideration your foot width, instep, volume and calf circumference. This information will then allow us to fit you with a boot most suited to your foot shape.

Sourcing the above information then allows us to sort a selection of boots to do some checks to see which boots would be most suitable. Once we've found boots that we feel are the most suited to your foot profile, we can move onto the next step - custom moulded footbeds - a service that is optional but strongly recommended - replacing the standard footbeds that come with the boots.

Why choose custom moulded footbeds? 
A custom moulded footbed stabilizes the foot inside the boot. This means that pronation is taken away, as well as providing minimal spread of the feet inside the boot. Other benefits are that you don't have to overtighten your boots to get a snug fit and power transfer to your skis is maximised. Even after this we may still need to make adjustments to the boot to get it to fit around any hot spots. This may involve stretching the boot in one place, or heating the whole shell to allowing your foot shape to mould to the outershell. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will only stretch boots with a custom footbed because if the foot isn't stabilized it will not remove the original issue.

Due to the nature and the composition of the boot fitting process we recommend that you allow 2 hours for a boot fit. This can sometimes take less time, or longer but it just depends on the profile of your foot.

Please come with an open mind with the concept that the boot chooses you. Due to the amount of time and the intricate process of boot fitting please be commited to purchasing boots if you wish to come for a boot fit. It is advisable to wear loose fitting trousers as we need to work up towards your knees. Please bring with you a pair of ski socks you would usually wear when skiing. No problem if you don't have any.

Our ski boot fitting service is free of charge when you purchase ski boots from Fresh Trax. If you would like us to fit ski boots purchased elsewhere - we can do, however there is an up-front, non-refundable charge of £50.00.