Whizz E-Bike Tours are staging a number of full day and half day tours on the South Downs and coastal plains around the Chichester Area. 
The full day tour will consist of a morning briefing, meeting your guide, having tea/coffee & biscuits, an explanation of how the day will develop, choose your lunch menu, size fitting of bike & adjustment of saddle, and an explanation of how the bike works going through the power/gears/brakes etc before you get going. The half day tour will consist of the same as above but without lunch requirements.lectric Bikes used are by Haibike. Haibike have one of the largest and biggest-selling ranges of electric bikes in Europe. The quality of the components make for a very reliable and powerful ride. In addition, the hydraulic brakes provide huge stopping power in a very controlled manor. These bikes can be ridden by novice riders and will instil vast degrees of confidence.

Tour Info & Pricing

The trips will consist of parties of 6 and we encourage people who know each other to book together to enhance the experience. If you book early enough you can choose the date of your trip. 

The cost of the a full day is £80.00 (inc VAT) per person and this includes lunch and afternoon tea.
The Half day tour is £40.00 (inc VAT) per person and excludes lunch & afternoon tea.

Tours will be graded to suit all levels of riders so if you want a more leisurely ride, it can be arranged, and if you want a tougher ride, no problem! The day will be controlled by the riders so if you wish to stop, you can - It's YOUR day! There will be a short de-brief after the ride with tea/coffee and cake. Should you wish to purchase a Haibike within 14 days of one of our Tours we will refund the hire charge (full or half day - as applicable, excluding the V.A.T). If you're interested but would like to try the bikes beforehand, please do not hesitate to come and see us. We would be more than happy for you to try the bikes in our generous car park, before you make a decision to join us on a tour.

Here’s how one of our customers described his electric bike experience: 

“As a 67 year old bike traditionalist I was a bit sceptical about trying an electric bike. Since we in the UK perceive it as being a bit of cheat, how wrong was I? Nobody wants to be a tail end Charlie and get left behind which is what happened when I went out with a group of friends who were fitter and younger than myself. So now I can choose to be at the back without being intimidated, in the middle, or indeed at the front leading. It’s changed the dynamic of the riding group for the better and means I can carry on cycling for the foreseeable future. Often you don't go out with your younger friends because of that. Like me at a pensionable age, your energy levels start to decrease as you struggle to keep up with others. You just have to accept it, or do you? Well, I took up the challenge of trying one and then buying one of these electric mountain bikes. When I put the power down the bike's intuition detected this and augmented my efforts. It was a revelation. I felt as if I was 21 years old again, I never thought that would be part of the deal. My advice is try it, you'll be surprised as I was. I will certainly be going on one of the days out to really put by bike to the test” Pieter Bergman.

If you would like to book your place, or if you require further information please put your contact details in an email to steve@freshtrax.co.uk or simply call us on 012437 88506.

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